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Technosprout’s Effective Methodology Reviewed by CyberArk

“PAM is all about securing the keys to your kingdom,” says Gartner’s senior director Felix Gaehtgens. “It is one of the most critical security controls to implement.” According to Gartner, “Privileged, administrative or excessively empowered accounts within an organization remain one of the primary targets of attackers and are often responsible for significant breaches.” 

Technosprout is a growing cybersecurity service organization & CyberArk’s Gold partners in the region.  Technosprout has executed some of the most peculiar & complex PAM implementations across industry verticals. We pride ourselves in architecting, implementing, and sustaining some of the most complex environments that include onboarding privilege accounts across the Compute, Storage, Network, Security, and Applications landscapes, both traditional on-premise setup and new cloud-native environment. 

Our CyberArk-certified workforce has been trained to ensure value in every dollar of investment into this platform. Our project execution methodology includes the discovery of assets, sizing & installation of CyberArk vault and associated components, and onboarding of devices – including the ones where connector development efforts are needed, especially for networking, security, and web-based management consoles. We have helped organizations build robust vault backup and recovery practices to keep operations running even during downtime or disaster situations, such as the current global health emergency.

“Technosprout is a boutique CyberArk partner who, as well as bringing expertise in our privileged access management platform to the table, also concentrates on providing the services and complementary technology that add up to a more rounded, solution-focused approach that helps solve wider business issues for customers.”

Mr. Ajit Ramnath

CyberArk and Technosprout will come together to assist you in protecting your Privileged Identity. Connect with us today for a FREE Assessment of your PRIVILEGE ACCOUNT SECURITY POSTURE.

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